Ultrasound Depth Using 1mhz Compared To 3 Mhz

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Present information in the following order. Blue and black columns show the transducer intensity for the calculated functional intensity at given depth.

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The average 1 2 value depth of 3mhz ultrasound is taken at 2 5cm and that of 1mhz ultrasound as 4 0 cm though there are numerous debates that continue with regards the most appropriate half value depth for different frequencies.

Ultrasound depth using 1mhz compared to 3 mhz. Thus the aim of this study was to compare the effects of cut and put waveforms of 1 mhz and 3 mhz therapeutic ultrasound on the endothelial function of humans. Wavelength the distance between two equivalent points on the waveform in the particular medium. Previous studies demonstrating improvement in endothelial function after the application of ultrasound have used low wave frequencies in khz or 1 mhz.

The depth of penetration is important if the ultrasound treatment is on an ankle knuckle elbow tmj temporo mandibular joint knee or other area that is close to the surface that is being treated. Depth range was 1 3cm for the 3mhz studies and 3 5cm deep for 1mhz studies. In an average tissue the wavelength 1mhz would be 1 5mm and 3 mhz would be 0 5 mm.

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1 16 35 we have compared the heating effects of silicate gel packs and warm. In order to create heat for a knuckle the clinician will set the frequency to 3 mhz because the area being treated is close to the surface and higher frequency has. The average 1 2 value depth of 3mhz ultrasound is at 2 5cm and that of 1mhz ultrasound as 4 0 cm.

However to the authors knowledge no studies to date have evaluated the endothelial response using a wave frequency of 3 mhz. It is important to note that 3 mhz heats approximately 3x faster than 1 mhz creating an efficiency in heating when compared to 1 mhz ultrasound 2 furthermore 1 mhz ultrasound has the capacity to be a deep heating agent however it is an inefficient heater of deep muscle and thus requires greater sonation time table 3. The table included shows in the red column how much of the intensity is left at different depths pointed in the top row of the columns.

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Between 1mhz and 3mhz frequencies. Frequency of 1 mhz penetrating deep into the tissue is mainly used for treatment of the structures such as joints and tendon whereas the frequency of 3 mhz affects cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue and is therefore an ideal tool for treatment of advanced cellulite stages. Typically 1 or 3 mhz.

1 a brief overview of ultrasound. As the frequency increases from 1 to 3 mhz the depth of penetration decreases ie. Higher the frequency the less penetration.

Velocity the velocity at which the wave disturbance travels through the medium. In a saline solution the velocity of us is approximately 1500 m sec 1 compared with approximately 350 m sec 1 in air sound waves can travel more rapidly in a more dense medium. The ultrasound can be applied in two modes continuous and pulsed.

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Does a frequency of 1 mhz intensity of 1 5 w cmâ and time of 5 minutes reach the goal.

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